BBEST is a triannual international conference on bioenergy now in its fourth edition, after the very positive outcome from the previous versions in 2011, 2014 and 2017, attended by hundreds of researchers, entrepreneurs and government officials from Brazil and abroad. This time, besides covering relevant aspects of bioenergy, from biomass production to conversion and final use, the 2020 edition will highlight innovation. We intend to showcase state-of-the-art processes and products, new trends and what is creating value and actual environmental and social benefits. In line with this, BBEST 2020 will devote its first day to discuss policy and measures, to foster bioenergy innovation in the context of sustainable development, considering the perspectives of all significant stakeholders.

Modern bioenergy vectors, such as bioelectricity and liquid biofuels, are competitive and readily available options for the urgent energy transition towards renewable energy, as imposed by global and local environmental concerns, as well as an improver of rural sector economy, social development and national energy security, in industrialized and developing countries. Yet the conventional processes for bioenergy production are well known and available, new systems for biomass production, conversion and use, more efficient, cost-effective and reliable have been developed and can be deployed to reinforce even more the bioenergy option in several contexts, including a promising and synergic integration with electric technologies in mobility.

At BBEST 2020, we place the Brazilian bioenergy & bioeconomy development and its scientific progress in the context of this new reality. In a number of plenary and parallel sessions, we bring together Sao Paulo, Brazilian and internationally leading scientists and the business community to present progress within FAPESP’s BIOEN program and its international partnerships on key topics such as responsible land use, crop productivity and resilient multifunctional landscapes, harvesting technology, impact of logistics and scale, integral biorefinery development, and emerging advanced materials and energy carriers for aviation, marine and road transport. The continued progress in thinking around the sustainable bioeconomy development to benefit both developing and developed countries will be discussed in the framework of bioenergy & sustainability focusing on Latin America and Africa.

Please contact us for additional ideas, initiatives, or side-events that can constructively contribute to what promises to be a very exciting BBEST Conference.

Glaucia Mendes Souza (USP, BIOEN) and
Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira (NIPE/UNICAMP, BIOEN)

BBEST 2020 Chairs

May, 2019