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And be ready for the BBEST 2020 in the city that doesn't sleep

Twice the strength: Biofuture Summit II and BBEST 2020 now together in a landmark conference in São Paulo, Brazil.

Join and help bring together the policies, innovation and science to enable the sustainable low carbon bioeconomy our future requires.

The BBEST Science Conference and the 20-country Biofuture Platform multilateral initiative have joined forces to bring the world´s very best in policies, innovation, science and market outlook in the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors to Brazil, in a landmark event which will take place from March 30 – April 1st.

Register now and submit your work to be presented in the landmark event which shall muster some of the world´s most influent researchers, experts, entrepreneurs and policy-makers in the bioenergy and bioeconomy fields to debate a strategic blueprint for the sustainable future we need.

Biofuture Summit and BBEST 2020 will bring together leading specialists, policy makers and entrepreneurs to discuss and present the future of global bioenergy and bioeconomy in the following topics:

What Governments are doing and what else needs to be done to support bioenergy and the bioeconomy development.

Environmental, social, economic, and public policy issues.

Agronomy and breeding of sugarcane and other energy crops; genomics, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology and biotechnological aspects of plant feedstocks.

Biomass process engineering and biofuels production.

Bio-based chemicals and biomaterials.

Biofuel applications for motor vehicles and other conversion devices including aviation, marine and heavy-duty transport.

The greatest minds and successful companies will speak of achievements and solutions to sustainable development

Conference Key Dates

Online registration September 1st, 2019 to March 10th, 2020
Abstract submission September 1st to December 15th, 2019
Onsite registration March 11th to April 1st, 2020